DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire

DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire

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If you use a vehicle that uses diesel then you know what Diesel Particle Filter is. DPFs collect the soot from the exhaust and prevent harmful particles from entering and damaging the environment. As the DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire cleans the exhaust, you also have to clear the filter of soot.

The article provides an ultimate guide to cleaning your car’s DPF. 

You can either take your DPF filter to professionals at the garage to have it cleaned, or you can do it yourself. Usually the yellow DPF light will be on, on your dashboard. 

Here are the steps to follow if you are doing it yourself: 

Drive your vehicle for regeneration 

Take your vehicle on a long ride on a roadway where you can maintain a consistent speed or high revs per minute. Your aim is to increase the heat of the exhaust. The heat burns the soot that’s blocking the DPF filter turning the particles into gas that fizzles off. Make sure your car is moving constantly though for this to work. This is why you should avoid a roadway that is susceptible to congestion. Also you have to drive at least 40 mph to cause this active regeneration. Drive this way for 15 minutes or more. The DPF light should go off when the regeneration is done. 

Use DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire additive 

A second option for DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire is using a cleaning additive. Additives contain fuel borne catalysts that cause combustion which in turn burns off the soot in your exhaust. 

To get the best maintenance results of your DPF, use the additive every 3 to 6 months. This is how you use the additive:

  • Turn off your engine, open the fuel tank cover and pour in the additive following the instruction on the label. 
  • Drive your car for 15 to 30 minutes as you would normally do. For this method you do not need to attain a specific speed. The DPF light should go out after the additive has worked. 

If you notice that the light has refused to go off, then take the car to a specialist at the vehicle workshop to do a professional cleaning. 

Use branded fuel

Another way to keep your DPF Cleaning Buckinghamshire is when you use branded fuel. It can be costly all together to have your DPF cleaned by a professional if you are unable to do it yourself. Using a branded fuel minimizes your overall cost. Branded fuel contains additives that keep your DPF clean and your car running smoothly. Unbranded fuel comes with impurities that end up clogging your DPF. 


You may wonder if you could just simply remove the DPF from your car and be rid of it and all the maintenance you have to do. Doing this opens you up for more problems. You may be breaking vehicle laws in your locality if you remove your DPF and your car won’t pass inspections. Only allow your DPF to be removed by professionals, and only for repair work.