Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire

Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire

Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire Offering Highly Competitive Vehicle Tuning. Over 10 Years Of Quality Vehicle Tuning, Multi-Point, Vehicle Inspection. Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire.

You deserve to get the best out of your car. Car remapping makes this possible. It entails altering the setting of your car’s engine control unit. Doing this will change how a car works and acts when it is driven. Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire also removes whatsoever restrictions accompanying your vehicle.

What car remapping does

Car remapping replaces the existing engine control unit with new software that increases engine power and improves the general functionality of the vehicle. Here are a few benefits of car remapping:

  • Improved Efficiency

A successful Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire lets you experience a notable increase in the speed and efficiency of your car. 

  • Better Economy 

As stated earlier, remapping your car can improve its speed and fuel consumption by eliminating the requirement for more acceleration to operate. You would also discover that with only one remap, you don’t have to change gears as frequently as you used to, which improves the care economy.

  • Responsive Engine

Your engine becomes much more responsive after a remapping, making it easier to manoeuvre on the freeway.

These are just a handful of the benefits of remapping a car. Car makers intentionally limit the performance of a car so that they can create a new, faster model later with the same engine but different software, which they then sell for a much higher price.

How car remapping works

Car remapping, as the term implies, entails rewriting or altering your car engine control unit “maps.” For the uninformed, the maps refer to the database of hexadecimal values stored in the car’s computer. The fuel, boost pressure, injection timing, and a variety of other data and information are all part of the overall car performance.

During the procedure, the experts examine the factory settings as well as examine the control unit. They’ll next spend hours deciphering the commands in the hex tables. Once it has been deciphered, the files are altered, the parameters are set, and the engineers are allowed to evaluate the modified parameters until they are perfect.

Stages involved in car remapping

Here are the general stages involved when Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire is being carried out

  • The simple economy map

It consists of a tab designed to increase performance and add more power to the engine without glaringly altering it, keeping it within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • Addition of supporting modifications

This is carried out to give the car more power. An intercooler and an induction kit are also added. A stage 2 file, an induction kit or intercooler and an exhaust are necessary at this stage, as technicians swap out the main exhaust pipe and install a sports cat that raises the car’s performance to the original performance limits within safety limits.

  • File adaptation

Time is spent at this stage on hub pads before finishing up other work. This is where you get to inform the technicians of any other improvements you would want to be done to the car, and they will ensure that it is done appropriately.

Final Note

The crux of Engine Remapping Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire is simply taking necessary steps to improve your car’s performance, reaching its best potential. Car remapping will give your car more power and increase its efficiency and effectiveness beyond your imagination.